Most frequently asked questions and answers

Place the mat and pillow on a flat surface with the flowers facing up. Lie back on the mat and pillow, adjusting your position to be comfortable and so that pressure is applied to any particular areas of tension. You can also roll the pillow against your neck and shoulders if desired, with your head resting on the flowers or not as you prefer.

It is recommended to use the relaxation mat for 20 minutes at a time on a regular basis. If you are new to the mat, try using the cotton cloth to reduce the initial intensity, and then removing it when you are comfortable to do so.

The Sunshima mat and pillow set contains over 8,000 flower points.  These increase blood flow in the affected areas, and stimulate the body’s pressure points, releasing endorphins and causing feelings of relaxation, happiness, and wellbeing.

Our acupressure relaxation mat can naturally reduce tension and stress, boost blood circulation, lessen neck and back pain, increase energy levels, and improve quality of sleep.   

Use for 20 minutes at a time on a regular basis to discover the calming benefits for your mind and body.

Acupuncture provides relief through needles that pierce the skin, and has to be undertaken by a trained practitioner. Acupressure provides relief through pressure points which create a similar stimulating effect for the user, but which do not pierce the skin. It can therefore be enjoyed without the need for a trained therapist and from the comfort of your own home. 

Not to be used in the event of pregnancy or certain medical conditions (see the User Manual for further details).

Two randomised controlled pilot studies (see the study here) undertaken in Germany were published in the peer-reviewed journal “Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine” in 2012. These analysed the effectiveness of acupressure mats over a 14-day treatment period on 82 patients aged 18-75 who had suffered chronic neck or lower back pain for at least three months. 

The research concluded that the acupressure mats seemed to be “an effective treatment method for chronic neck pain and back pain” in comparison to the control members of the group that did not use an acupressure mat over the same 14-day period.

You can find our warranty in multiple EU languages here; English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch.

The acupressure relaxation mat should not be used if you are pregnant or have a skin disease, haemophilia, or take anticoagulants.  Children and the elderly should lessen the treatment length.  Unsuitable for children of 5 and under.

We don’t recommend sleeping on the acupressure relaxation mat. Many customers use the mat on their bed for treatment or to help them relax before sleeping, but we suggest removing it before you go to sleep. It is recommended to use the mat for 20 minutes at a time.

Do not use an acupressure mat if you’re pregnant.