About us

Sunshima is a family-run businessstarting out in 2020, and passionate about providing premium quality branded wellbeing and relaxation products.

Paul and Karen, the founders, have been fans of fitness and selfcare for many years. Knowing how chaotic and stressful 2020 has been for so many people, they were looking for how they could bring some calmness and wellbeing into people’s lives. And so they created Sunshima.

Paul is a keen runner who has run over 25 marathons, two ultra-marathons and countless half marathons. He loves fitness and found that caring for his body after a run is just as important as the run itself. So our first product was the Sunshima Acupressure Relaxation Mat and Pillow Set, perfect for lessening muscle pain and tension after a workout, making sure your body is ready for the next challenge.

Karen works out regularly and enjoys finding peace a few times a week with Body Balance, a fusion of tai chi, yoga and Pilates. She believes selfcare and taking some time for herself each week are important for her overall wellbeing, and since taking up mindfulness a few years ago has found that she feels happier and calmer in her everyday life.

Our acupressure mat and pillow set not only provides muscle relaxation, but also reduces stress, relieves neck and back pain, and improves sleep, making it an ideal product for anyone looking to enhance their physical and mental wellbeing from the comfort of their own home.