Even More Ways to Make Father’s Day Special

by Karen Alexander, Sunshima guest blog writer

It’s Father’s Day 2023 and following our blog in 2021 when we looked at ways to celebrate with your Dad, or Father figure according to their interests, this year we would like to add to the list of activities and ways you can remember this special day. Each activity can be tailored to your budget, and whatever you do, just spending time with your Dad will show how much you love and appreciate him!

Sports Dad

For Dads who love sports, Father’s Day can be an opportunity to enjoy their favourite game. Attend a live sports event together and it doesn’t have to be a big game, after all grass roots local teams often show real heart and passion.  And if there are no live events, then organise a family game day in the garden or at a local park. You can play their favourite sport or create a mini tournament involving different games. It’s a chance to take part in some healthy family competition and what could be more fun than that!

Adventure Dad

For Dads who love excitement, plan an adventure-filled day. Take them on a hiking trip to a scenic trail, try kayaking or how about a thrilling zip-lining excursion. And If time and budget permits, consider booking a hot air balloon ride or even skydiving. These activities will be exhilarating and create memories you will both cherish.

Creative Dad

Plan something artistic for Dads who love being creative. Do a pottery or painting class together, or if you are on a budget, set up an art space at home for a family painting session.  Display your creations and enjoy making something that will enhance the home.  If appreciating art is more his style, take him to an art exhibition.  You can check what is happening locally or is there an artist he loves, exhibiting at one of the bigger galleries?  Sharing these experiences will nurture his creative spirit and who knows what you will discover about each other.

Relaxed Dad

Dads too may want a day of relaxation and pampering, so about you treat him to a spa day, where he can unwind with a massage, facial, or a rejuvenating sauna session. You can also set up your own spa experience at home, simply run a nice bath, play relaxing music, and light some candles.  Then afterwards treat him to a face mask. This is a lovely way to slow down those hard-working Dads and in today’s fast world this really is a wonderful gift.

Music Dad

For Dads with a deep love of music and a talent for playing instruments, plan a jamming session where you both play some of his favourite songs.  The goal here is not to be perfect but just enjoy making music together.  Or how about going to a concert, this can be for an artist or band he loves or a local band yet to hit the big time.  Whichever you do, live music can be fun, surprising and life affirming!

Just remember, no matter what type of dad you have, there are countless ways to celebrate Father’s Day.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money and as I said in the previous blog, for most Dads the most precious gift is spending quality time with their children.