Healthy Summer Eating!

Summer has been a bit hit and miss this year especially for those of us in the UK, however, that doesn’t mean that we can’t bring some summer feeling to our food. Join us as we explore some scrumptious summer recipes that will have you saying, “Yes please!”

7 Tips for Staying Active in the Summer

These precious summer months are a great time to get outdoors and embrace an active lifestyle. With longer days and a warmer climate, there are countless opportunities to engage in physical activities that boost your fitness level and overall well-being!

Even More Ways to Make Father’s Day Special

It’s Father’s Day and we would like to add to the list of activities you can do to remember this special day. Each activity can be tailored to your budget, and whatever you do, just spending time with your Dad will show how much you love and appreciate him!

The Joy of Spring

With the new buds of life from plants, and the reappearance of colour in the garden, you just can’t help but feel optimistic and excited about the coming months. Today I want to focus on the sheer joy of Spring and all the reasons why this season is so special.

Healthy Seasonal Spring Eats

The recent shortage of certain vegetables in the supermarkets has brought to the front the value of eating seasonally and locally. And as we welcome spring, there’s no better time to start thinking about adding seasonal produce to your diet.