Acupressure Relaxation Mat & Pillow Set



Our eco-friendly relaxation mat and pillow set is a perfect natural home-based treatment for muscle tension and stress relief. 

The flower pads of the mat and pillow stimulate the body’s pressure points, releasing endorphins and causing feelings of happiness, peace, and wellbeing.

Made with thick cotton fabric, coconut fibre filling, buckwheat filling and high quality non-toxic plastic lotus flower pressure points. Our acupressure mat and pillow sets are premium quality, washable and come with a stylish shoulder bag making transport and storage more convenient.


The relaxation mat can help naturally lessen pain, improve blood circulation and increase energy levels as well as improve mental wellbeing and life balance.

The 8,000 pressure points provide a therapeutic and relaxing massage, stimulating blood-flow and releasing feel-good endorphins to calm worries, ease physical tension and promote better quality of sleep.


Acupressure Relaxation Mat- 70cm × 41cm × 3.5cm

Relaxation Pillow- 31cm × 41cm × 5.5cm